Posttraining in Cassinasco

In June I was in an absolutely marvelous place and a great post training.Centro Feldenkrais Movimento! Anat, ATM
A small group of 16 people, learning together with Anat Krivine.

How to transfer the learning in ATM into FI.

Atm with Anat, Centro Feldenkrais Movimento!


We stayed in the house of the organizer, Gabriella Icardi,
in Cassinasco, out in the middle of Piemonte.
So beautiful, so pieceful. Anat, How to use the ATM in FI
Nice housing, nice food, lovely company.


Anat, Fi demonstration



Cassinasco, Lunchbreak

Cassinasco, Winetasting

Lunch break out in the garden.

Thanks to Gabriella
and love that you will make it possible again.

Go to ”Bilder”. Check in more pictures of the beautiful surroundings.

Winetasting in a near vineyard