Now starts this Feldenkrais® Autumn

Feel better!

Some of us has already warmed up/tested during two weeks. It has been nice to start again and meet everybody. Now I look forward to the continuation.

In class: Take the chance with the mixture of simple and komplex movements, mostly on a mat on the floor, to increase your understanding how your body functions.

On table: I help, search and lead your body to new understanding and ways of moving.

It is an interaction between skeleton, muscles, nervous system and other organs in the body, down to cellular level which make changes coming from inside. It shows up in better posture, coordination, motor skills and inner mental balance. A long term change of behavior.
Changes that influences the way other physical training ought to be practiced.

Perhaps you feel some pain in parts of your body. That is no hindrance.
We work with support of what is easy, the positiv and good sensations in your body. And do our best to keep away from pain and discomfort. Often this helps to lessen the pain.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want a Individuell lesson.
The same if you are a group of English speaking people who want a Feldenkrais workshop.

You’re welcome to contact me through my contact side or by mail,

All my group classes just now are in Swedish. You can find them here.