Feldenkrais and Somatic Experiencing in interaction

I gave a Feldenkrais FI-lesson to a woman the other day. A woman who has joined my ATM-classes almost since I started my practice in 2005.
She said something interesting, something I find worth sharing.

”When I’m with my hourses, my dog, time just fly. My thinking mind takes a rest and I feel my body calm down. I am just there.
Can it be that the nervous system of the animals support my system?”

I believe ”yes”, as one nervous system has a great impact on another nervous system. The animals can support your two lower brain systems, help regulate them and make you calm down.

Our FI-lesson continued and new things came up:
”I sometimes think I should do some Feldenkrais at home between classes. But I never remember what we have done, impossible. During the ATM-classes, while lying on the floor, I just listen to your voice, go into my body. I do and I sense. And the outcome is so amazing.
What’s around me, life outside, is gone. It feels for me like a way of meditation, and at the same time my body organizes.”

While ”letting go” the nervous system does its job. After a FI-lesson or an ATM-class you system keeps processing. The lesson is just the start. To let it be and see what comes out is a good way to benefit from the class or lesson.
You learn even if you don’t remember the sekvenses in the lesson.
Your body remembers and takes care of your needs at the moment.

I think this is a good example of how Feldenkrais and Somatic Experiencing can work together and complement each other.